Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 9th July 2022 Win 5 Stars

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Amazon funzone stars daily quiz answers today
Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 9 July 2022 , amazon quiz answers

Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today

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Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 9 July 2022

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Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 9 July 2022

Today’s Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Questions & Answers – Refresh Here

Q1. Robert Lewandowski, who scooped the 2021 Best FIFA Men’s Player award, belongs to which country?

A. Poland

B. Belarus

C. Serbia

D. Romania

Answer : Poland

Q2 . SilverLine, a semi high-speed railway project that envisages trains running at 200 km/h, has been proposed in which state?

A. Gujarat

B. Kerala

C. Uttar Pradesh

D. Telangana

Answer : Kerala

Q3. Which of these comets was discovered in January 2021?

A. Comet Swift–Tuttle

B. Comet Bennett

C. Comet Leonard

D. Comet Hyakutake

Answer : Comet Leonard

Q4. This footwear company acquired exclusive rights to which foam resin in 2004?

A. Reticular

B. Croslite

C. Synctactic

D. Rigid

Answer : Croslite

Q5. Name the residence in which this gate is located, which served as the residence of the Ottoman Sultans.

A. Ciragan Palace

B. Ihlamur Palace

C. Topkapi Palace

D. Yildiz Palace

Answer : Topkapi Palace

Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 8 July 2022

Q1. Nodirbek Abdusattorov, the youngest ever World Rapid Chess champion, is from which country?

A. Serbia

B. Norway

C. Uzbekistan

D. Russia

Answer : Uzbekistan

Q2. Over 6 lakhs of which assault rifle will be manufactured by the joint venture, Indo-Russian Rifles Private Ltd?

A. AK-203

B. Mauser Gewehr 98

C. Simonov SKS

D. M16

Answer : AK-203

Q3. Which state is the largest producer of Kiwi in India accounting for 56%?


B. Goa

C. Arunachal Pradesh

D. Tamil Nadu

Answer : Arunachal Pradesh

Q4. These are the astronauts who went aboard which famous mission?

A. Challenger

B. Apollo-4

C. Columbia

D. Apollo-11

Answer : Apollo-11

Q5. Name this fish that is known to launch itself out of the water like a torpedo, and knock fishermen off their boats. Arapaima Paraiba Arapaima Red-tailed Catfish Pink Dolphin

A. Arapaima

B. Paraiba

C. Pink Dolphin

D. Red-tailed Catfish

Answer : Arapaima

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