Amazon Daily Quiz Time Answers Today 14 July 2022 Win Pay Balance

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Amazon Daily Quiz Time Answers Today 14 July 2022
Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 14 July 2022

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today

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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today 14 July 2022

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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 14 July 2022

Today’s Amazon Quiz Questions & Answers – Refresh Here

Q1. Gulabo, who recently died at the Van Vihar National Park and Zoo in Bhopal, was the oldest of what animal in India?

A. Sloth bear

B. Tiger

C. Nilgai

D. Rhinoceros

Answer : Sloth bear

Q2. Jaitapur, set to be the country’s largest nuclear power generating site, is located in which state?

A. Gujarat

B. Maharashtra

C. Jharkhand

D. Assam

Answer : Maharashtra

Q3. Which airlines recently became the first airline to use sustainable commercial aviation fuel?

A. Lufthansa

B. Air India

C. British Airways

D. SouthWest Airlines

Answer : British Airways

Q4. This doll depicts which Marvel character?

A. Scarlet Witch

B. Gamora

C. Black Widow

D. Nebula

Answer : Black Widow

Amazon Daily Quiz Time Answers Today 13 July 2022

Q1. Who is the first Black woman to appear on the US quarter?

A. Maya Angelou

B. Rosa Parks

C. Harriet Tubman

D. Edmonia Lewis

Answer : Maya Angelou

Q2. Joumou soup is a traditional pumpkin soup from which country that recently got the UNESCO cultural heritage status?

A. Thailand

B. Haiti

C. Barbados

D. Tajikistan

Answer : Haiti

Q3. Yutu-2 is the robotic lunar rover of which country’s mission to the Moon?

A. Japan

B. Kazakhstan

C. China

D. North Korea

Answer : China

Q4. A species of which fish, referred to earlier as ‘trash fish’ is named after this animal?

A. Alligator Gar

B. Alligator Carp

C. Crocolidian

D. Alligar

Answer : Alligator Gar

Q5. This visual shows which city?

A. Lucknow

B. Varanasi

C. Prayagraj

D. Bhopal

Answer : Varanasi

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