Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 14th July 2022 Win 5 Stars

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Amazon funzone stars daily quiz answers today
Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 14 July 2022 , amazon quiz answers

Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today

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Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 14 July 2022

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Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 14 July 2022

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Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 13 July 2022

Q1. Which institution has launched “Saa₹thi” – a mobile app on investor education?
Answer : SEBI
Q2. In January 2021, which Asian country launched its first-ever National Security Policy?
A. Pakistan
B. Bhutan
C. Nepal
D. Sri Lanka
Answer : Pakistan
Q3. In which state did Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurate the Saryu Canal National Project?
A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Rajasthan
C. Uttar Pradesh
D. Gujarat
Answer : Uttar Pradesh
Q4. Name this animal which exhibits a rare characteristic among mammals?
A. Platypus
B. Echidna
C. Tapir
D. Anteater
Answer : Echidna
Q5. In the NBA each quarter of this game is of how many minutes?
A. 10 minutes
B. 11 minutes
C. 12 minutes
D. 13 minutes
Answer : 12 minutes

Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 12 July 2022

Q1. What, literally meaning ‘archipelago’ in Javanese, is the new capital of Indonesia?
A. Bandung
B. Surabaya
C. Medan
D. Nusantara
Answer : Nusantara
Q2. PN Panicker, whose statue was recently unveiled by the President, is known as the Father of what in Kerala?
A. Yoga Movement
B. Library Movement
C. Ayurveda Movement
D. Justice Movement
Answer : Library Movement
Q3.Which Indian state recently saw the creation of 2 new districts, Pakyong and Soreng?
A. Sikkim
B. Manipur
C. Meghalaya
D. Arunachal Pradesh
Answer : Sikkim
Q4. Which game from the show ‘Squid Game’ included this doll?
A. Marbles
B. Red light, Green light
C. Glass Bridge
D. Honeycomb
Answer : Red light, Green light
Q5. This structure is known as the _____ of the City in Auroville. Fill in the blanks
A. Heart
B. Arms
C. Brain
D. Soul
Answer : Soul

Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 11 July 2022

Q1. Who won the 2021 Puskas Award for his audacious ‘Rabona’ goal?
A. Lucas Ocampos
B. Rafa Mir
C. Danny Rose
D. Erik Lamela
Answer : Erik Lamela
Q2. Recently removed, which sculpture stood at the University of Hong Kong memorializing the victims of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square?
A. The Motherland Calls
B. Christ of the Abyss
C. Pillar of Shame
D. Buddhas of Bamiyan
Answer : Pillar of Shame
Q3. Which country became the first country to transition to 4.5-day work week?
A. Sweden
C. Mexico
D. Finland
Answer : UAE
Q4. Which catfish lives in the abandoned cooling ponds of the exclusion zone of this famous nuclear reactor?
A. Common Catfish
B. Striped Catfish
C. Goonch
D. Wels Catfish
Answer : Wels Catfish
Q5. This famous band was formed in which country?
C. Germany
D. Sweden
Answer : UK

Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 10 July 2022

Q1. Which country is the world’s largest producer of opium, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime?

Answer : Afghanistan

Q2. Alexia Putellas, who won the 2021 Best FIFA Women’s Player award, belongs to which country?

Answer : Spain

Q3. Mount Semeru volcano recently erupted in which country?

Answer : Indonesia

Q4. Which politician from Mongolia is alleged to have slapped this man?

Answer : Peljidiin Genden

Q5. In which national park of India is the last of this species in Asia found in the wild?

Answer : Gir Forest

Amazon Funzone Stars Daily Quiz Answers Today 9 July 2022

Q1. Robert Lewandowski, who scooped the 2021 Best FIFA Men’s Player award, belongs to which country?

A. Poland

B. Belarus

C. Serbia

D. Romania

Answer : Poland

Q2 . SilverLine, a semi high-speed railway project that envisages trains running at 200 km/h, has been proposed in which state?

A. Gujarat

B. Kerala

C. Uttar Pradesh

D. Telangana

Answer : Kerala

Q3. Which of these comets was discovered in January 2021?

A. Comet Swift–Tuttle

B. Comet Bennett

C. Comet Leonard

D. Comet Hyakutake

Answer : Comet Leonard

Q4. This footwear company acquired exclusive rights to which foam resin in 2004?

A. Reticular

B. Croslite

C. Synctactic

D. Rigid

Answer : Croslite

Q5. Name the residence in which this gate is located, which served as the residence of the Ottoman Sultans.

A. Ciragan Palace

B. Ihlamur Palace

C. Topkapi Palace

D. Yildiz Palace

Answer : Topkapi Palace

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